Farmer Lou


Any cut/request can be made. From a hog roast to pork chops!

Posh Pork Sausages


Premium Pork

Caramalised Red Onion

Black Pudding

Leek and Stilton

Wild Boar Flavour

Honey and Mustard


Many more new flavours  including sweet chilli and piri piri

Posh Pork


We keep traditional breeds, commercial and crosses of the two. This enables us to have a variety of pigs for different uses, some better for joints, others ideal for sausages.

The pigs are kept in large, deep straw bedded, open fronted pens.

The feed for the pigs is sourced from quality Northamptonshire animal feed producers.

They are not forced on, so mature at a more natural rate, allowing for better flavour to develop.

I really care for the animals. They are kept to a high welfare standard. I get into the pens and check them daily, keeping them friendly and easy to handle.