Farmer Lou

Lamb Sausages,  Joints, Burgers and More...

Any joint can be cut to your specification. Be it a rack of lamb trimmed to high restaurant standards, a rolled shoulder or leg of lamb for Sunday dinner!

Specialities at the moment are;

Handmade Lamb and Mint Burgers

Kofta Lamb Kebabs

Perfect for the BBQ!!

I keep a friendly flock of ewes, and lamb them myself. They are big mules and therefore the lambs have a good carcass weight. They are very tame, I can manage my flock by shaking a bucket! And most will let me pat their heads! They are at grass all year round, only coming in to lamb,  and never force ‘finished’ indoors.

Because of the care and time I give to them, there is minimal distress, no aggressive ‘herding’. It is small scale and the abattoir is local so no long stressful journeys for the lambs which can make the meat darker and tougher.